An Angel’s Judgment

Ever thought about that voice in your mind,
Yapping all day.
Knowing everything you will do in your life,
Without allowing you to have a say,
In the matter…

It shatters your spirit,
If you let it.
It gathers your vision,
If you’ve meant it.
It lathers your tears into blessings,
If you’ve met “Him” half way,
By repenting…

How he kept me alive when I pointed my gun away from my temples.
A tragedy no longer my checklist however you’d interpret.
Every skeleton inside of my chest climbing to the surface of a universe ripped,
By the black holes we blast wide open into space…
Lectured by our angels when guilt pounds our chests,
Until we feel that bit of pain…

I can hear them now…

“Go ahead and stay in your elements of danger if you want to.
If you truly yearn to make way into your grave,
I’ve already lost you!
God gave you the chance to reach for the stars!
What you need?
Is to grab hold of what belongs to you…
I mean,
You know you are free to choose,
You’re trapped by the noose!

Made by the rope you were gifted every.
You chose to hang yourselves…”

Bittersweet life,
Isn’t it?

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