Last Flag Left

Most are so busy throwing red flags until they run out,And,Have no choice,But to wave a white one.Whatever happened to understanding one another's flaws,So that we can fix our own outcome? Because,Eventually?A foul is going to take place,When you play a game where you'll bump heads,Inevitably.But,A tightly knit team sticks together,Regardless of how bad it... Continue Reading →

Smell Of Hard Work

"Look at those Jordans! Mad dirty!" "Haha, They even have holes in them, They're cooked!" ... Voices within my mind tend to manifest through the vocal cords of guilty bystanders. Demons who frolic in the name of wear and tears involuntarily shown as I master! My patience... The kind of patience where I take my... Continue Reading →

An Angel’s Judgment

Ever thought about that voice in your mind, Yapping all day. Knowing everything you will do in your life, Without allowing you to have a say, In the matter... It shatters your spirit, If you let it. It gathers your vision, Clearly, If you've meant it. It lathers your tears into blessings, If you've met... Continue Reading →

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