Last Flag Left

Most are so busy throwing red flags until they run out,
Have no choice,
But to wave a white one.
Whatever happened to understanding one another’s flaws,
So that we can fix our own outcome?

A foul is going to take place,
When you play a game where you’ll bump heads,
A tightly knit team sticks together,
Regardless of how bad it may seem,
Even if either or is stuck on the sideline cheering on,

If I watched you struggle,
I would’ve never left your side no matter how highly tempted.
Went so far just to love each other tentatively…
I can see why you checked out the game.
It’s gets rough running so many yards to get to where we wish we were today…

I dropped the ball,
Right on my foot!
Tripped over what I promised to make.
A smile on a face you wanted to see light up,
Just because I woke up for the day.
Never will I apologize for ever feeling sad in. A life where I was made.
To be seen as a monster without anyone understanding any ounce of my pain…

It’s pathetic.
I still love you while our memories keep me restless.
What can I say?
I fell in love with the only woman I have ever been with to date until you became,
Like everybody else!
Judging me for the craze,
Rampaging through my mind,
While I cried every time you looked away…

Till I couldn’t hold it in any longer.
When talking with you,
My heart kept tearing further than it already was.
After being thrown so many red flags,
I didn’t want to live a reality where the woman I loved,
Couldn’t smile when she looked towards who she wanted buried in the mud.
As all you had left was a white flag to wave,
Where the old me rests,
Beneath the grips of a single rose bud…

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