Veilz Of Smoke

Look at him.
Mouth full of cigarettes…
Look at him.
Holding his daughter’s hand,
Face full of smoke,
Sprinkled in ash…
Look at him.
Smiling while styling,
And buying in the thousands!
Many packs for all the stress that’s piling,
On his shoulders…

What about his daughter?
Coughing from the second-hand smoke being puffed by her Father?
Now coughing herself over an addiction he’s subconsciously fostered.
No idea where the craving’s coming from the more she grows into a woman with so much to offer…

Child-like innocence we abandon after our first sin.
Fruits of life her father denies for another cup of gin.
Juice that helps him snoop through his, Deepest,
Darkest thoughts and belch very memory currently haunting him…

He brings her back home from school.
Handing her off to her mom while he digresses into his El Presidentes and drools,
Over past regrets he can’t stop viewing in his mind as the veil of smoke clears in front of all that he knew…
Living room tables rife with drugs he only intends to use…
Planted on a couch while his daughter tries her best to find something to do…
So tired of stretching her arms back for a man too high to even move…

Years pass by,
Still upholding the same character who’s been down in the trenches.
His baby girl,
Turned woman,
Hunting down her father for any sort of protection.
Just a hug instead of all the flaws he loves to mention,
In a world begging to strip her of Sobriety with a message.
Demons carving “Unworthy” on the walls of her conscious,
While she shacks up and takes off her clothes for men she doesn’t know after being prompted,
By the absence.
Of her father…

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