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No Change In My Pocket

I’m not going to change.
It doesn’t make sense to fix what didn’t break,
No matter the pain.
I’m cool with the cracks…
I know I’m dope,
Smoking a pack of rappers looking like food on a plate,
For me to cope…

I’m coming for everything I deserve.
All of my life,
My heart has been innert,
Begging to leave this Earth!
I’m here…

Steering my ship,
Out this abyss,
Blood on my shirt,
Dirt on my timbs.
Pac in my ears,
Writing a flick,
Sipping on juice,
Out for revenge…

They counted me out when my pockets were empty.
Zero dollars to a name while everyone else had many…
So many nights thinking about my enemies…
Till I,
Sharpened a sword for this war I course through with my head up high,
Even if I’m petrified,
Of any cut,
Gushing out blood,
Or rejections I’ve been crushed,

Tunnel vision is the image I’m hanging up on a wall.
Even if I can’t walk to the end as I’m forced to crawl.
All the blows I’ve taken!
All the nights I’ve embraced this God given talent!
All the times I stayed up writing on a loose leaf creating static!
I have no choice but to electrify the masses!

With truths you can only see if you decide to.
Truths that once folded me into a disciple of rhythm,
With a hand on a bible.
Given by a Father who foresook my soul while my feet were idle.
On trial,
For disobeying orders coming from each demon hanging on his shoulders while he dialed,
Death’s line with every whip across my spine until he piled,
So much blood around my pours…

You just have to be lucky to escape.
Or pray,
And pray,
And pray,
Until God shows up to your doorstep with a package already paid.
Opening your windows of opportunity to relieve you of this pain.
Of feeling unworthy over parents who never bothered to learn my real name…
The name I shout across stage,
As I feel worthy enough to live another day…

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