Smoked, Pt. 1

Smoking weed isn’t as special as others make it seem like. After a while you’ll find yourself asking, “Can’t I be doing something better for myself right now?” Usually where I end up at the end up like this moment finishing my first blunt of the day. Feels like my personal demons manifested in the... Continue Reading →

All I’ve Needed

What do I need? I think about that often. Versus what I want in, This fragile life of mine... But I, Digress from such thought over my bathroom faucet. Where the need for God washes, Away, Every spec of dirt daring to paint me as flawless... Impefections, The perfections we were blessed with! Just how... Continue Reading →

No Change In My Pocket

I'm not going to change. It doesn't make sense to fix what didn't break, No matter the pain. I'm cool with the cracks... I know I'm dope, Smoking a pack of rappers looking like food on a plate, For me to cope... I'm coming for everything I deserve. All of my life, My heart has... Continue Reading →

Quils & Thrills

At times, I live a little backwards, With evil intentions over pain lashed against my back, Revenge, Or vengeance... I've questioned my worth a plethora of times, Shouting, "Am I worthy?" Rather than claiming, "I am..." But, Like a nerd standing in the middle of Baywatch, I can't hassle with white girls, Being that I'm... Continue Reading →

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