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Blind Rage

Episodes of rage take over when sober from love.
Drunk by the thought of her for so long,
It’s time to show a different me.
A different flow of rhythm where I only act up on a stage for the world to see.
No fear while I drop bombs from a palm deterring naysayers from my life,
Praying everyone survives the heat.
Emanating from a core boiling my blood till I have no other choice,
To explode and release.
The flames stored inside a set of pupils singed by innocence I am now forced to grieve.
I still raise a smile from cheek to cheek,
And extend my reach,
For something more than a dime of weed,
Costing me of time I can’t get back no matter how much I weep,
For a rewind to revise a choice I couldn’t see blind of each lie in front of these eyes,
Anytime I decide to look back at a past full of weak ties,
That just,
Didn’t suit me right…


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