A Train Of Thought

"If she wasn't a bitch, then she would understand why I'm not around so often," Jean said in response to his 4 year old daughter, In the 4 train, After asking why they don't get along in their broken apartment... "She thinks I'm a fuckin' bum as if she was born so flawless." Sitting across... Continue Reading →

Green Eyez Run The World

Never did I think I'd live long enough to see dictionaries being rewritten, As well as language we've known for so many years. You've got to be kidding... I would call this country pussy, But, I'm the kind of cat to sit down and listen. To both sides, Since, I'm kind of tired of seeing... Continue Reading →

Money Won’t Save You

Run away, Run away, Run away. Is what I want do the moment that I wake. Not because I feel pain... Not because of any kind of internal hate. But, Because too much of "Them" are seen every. Single. Day... "Can I get a quarter?" Is the phrase, You will hear as soon as you... Continue Reading →

Touch Of A Warrior

A Midas touch is what we all want, But, Can't make gold out of a box, Keeping us cooped up in mess we have wrought. Am I wrong?... Please let me know while I write songs, Coming from darkness I thought I had sawed off. A cloth I've been ripped off, Then stitched back on...... Continue Reading →

No Change In My Pocket

I'm not going to change. It doesn't make sense to fix what didn't break, No matter the pain. I'm cool with the cracks... I know I'm dope, Smoking a pack of rappers looking like food on a plate, For me to cope... I'm coming for everything I deserve. All of my life, My heart has... Continue Reading →

Crying Soldierz

"Surround yourself with happy people," Is what they all say, Nowadays. But, What am I to do when I see another soul in pain? Eyes wide open, Yet their innerchild's asleep through the rain. How can you say that's your friend, If you've willingly allowed them to drown away? I couldn't live with that, The... Continue Reading →

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