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Adjustin’ My Glassez

I want to give a hug or two,
It’s hard for me.
All I can think about is how to clog my arteries.
So much food for thought while I commit Arseny.
On different bits of paper away from those I keep far from me!
God forbid they get burnt by the lighters stalking me…

Funny how I’m lit within this darkness.
Hidden from a monster who sees me as a target.
Another shot from the far left.
Another shot from the right,
Now I’m coughing…

Laid to sleep,
In what kind of feels like a coffin.
My eyes wake in middle of the night as I bawl in,
A misery I,
Have created,
As I go ahead and charge myself for larsiny!…

Punishment’s a drink barring me,
From the mics as I’m marred in thee,
Glass house I’m trapped in,
As shards fall through my glasses…

What a sight to behold,
When I sit and paint a picture I believe I should show,
Since it’s how I feel,

“Will I die?”
“Fuck it I,
Grab a light.
Light a dime.
Get a drink,
Sip till I’m,
Under my,
Sheets where I…”

Where I usually lay back and dream of ending it throughout a night.
Where no one’s looking.
Even if I still believe they would never come inside,
Snatch that knife away…

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