Ha! We’re Running Circles Around you.

Trapped within 4 walls closing in on my sanity.Delusions of grandeur take over my mind the closer they get.Strong enough to push them away!I thought to myself…But,Scrunched I was.By the blindness I force myself to experience when hugging the likes of Mary Jane with my yellowed fingertips.Lonely,As I fall through the middle of a cloud... Continue Reading →

Plugged In

Easy,Ain’t it?To tell someone to,“Just do!”Especially,When you haven’t received a single ounce of respect you’ve earned.When depression seeps into your mind first thing in the morning while you thirst,For a smile you can see within a scratched mirror you’ve clawed at ferociously for answers… The disaster it is when a human mind is cursed by... Continue Reading →

It Ain’t A Good Mix

You are hot air on a hot day! Not what I need when I'm burning with a passion of having a glass of pop on the rocks, With someone who rocks my world. You and I don't go well together, Nowadays I need another joint to bring into the mix of things that'll measure, Love,... Continue Reading →

Ghost Behind Smoke

Feels like it always fails,But,Love?Never really does... Yes!Hearts break when the Phantom's cued,But,Who is producing this outcome? The Phantom?Or,The person standing behind spotlights being shone,Displaying every bud crushed!By their fingertips?.. Whether it's a message written in blood,Stab wounds to the spine of your brethren,The Evidence!Is there.For anyone deciding to face every truth,They once could not... Continue Reading →

No Melody Is Perfect

So,So high!Smoking all night,Rolling up a tight joint that'll help me float to the sky!It just feels like,It's so right...Why?My,Mind?Will never know while I'm speeding on this highway!Line,By,Line.Until my ladder is tall enough for my entrance into heaven with a rhyme made,To put together what alleviates so much of my pain... A melody.I wouldn't have... Continue Reading →

Adjustin’ My Glassez

I want to give a hug or two, But, It's hard for me. Sometimes, All I can think about is how to clog my arteries. So much food for thought while I commit Arseny. On different bits of paper away from those I keep far from me! God forbid they get burnt by the lighters... Continue Reading →

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