If Death Had A Flag

The universe is quite dangerous.A realm of reality where the blind have a voice,While those with sight decide on silence as if there wasn't a choice.But,What does it matter?What I see,As I'm looking for a bed to sleep in,The rest?Lay asleep.Investing in Iphones suiting their ignorance well...Too busy snapping a portrait,With poor traits.As they forfeit... Continue Reading →

Malta, Only Ice Cold.

Nothing better than a Malta, Ice cold. Especially, After one long, Day where you work so hard, You begin sweating through your clothes... Drip-drop, Tick-rock, Goes the day while you flip-flop through day dreams of opening a cold one. All you're thinking of, Is that chilling pop you hear from, Snapping that cap off the... Continue Reading →

Author of My Own Story

Nowadays, When I wake up, I realize I can never see him again. The man who taught me what a word was any time I said, "I don't ever want to breathe nor live again..." One of three who dragged me out of an abyss so that I can repent. For the sins I've committed... Continue Reading →

Suicide Notez

Have you ever had a pain, In your head, That doesn't go away? For days. Weeks. Months at a time while becoming crazed, Internally? What is truly hurting me? The question driving me insane, Into fits of rage. Clothed by my anger and the memories I hate... Can't remember when I didn't have them. Havent... Continue Reading →

Broken Crownz

Volcanic thoughts errupt from a mind, Disturbed by his own. Blood coursing through his veins, Similar to They, Yet, The difference shows within our actions.... As I'm surrounded by quils, Paper as my shield, Ink representing all the tears I've spilled, I swim inside of my vision, Given the darkest tinge of red... I accept... Continue Reading →

Haloz & Hornz

As the can opens, Devils sing and demons March. When atonement shall be sought, Rebels drink to treason wrought, By their own creators... Viscious circles sucking life out the innocent. Ways of life syphoning the energy we use to press against, A mold already hardened by the fires of hell, I, Myself, Have ignited with... Continue Reading →

Quils & Thrills

At times, I live a little backwards, With evil intentions over pain lashed against my back, Revenge, Or vengeance... I've questioned my worth a plethora of times, Shouting, "Am I worthy?" Rather than claiming, "I am..." But, Like a nerd standing in the middle of Baywatch, I can't hassle with white girls, Being that I'm... Continue Reading →

Darkest Hourz

Eerie it feels when you reach out and don't get an answer. Afterwards, you turn kind of zombie like and just stare at the next wall that you see. Darkness embodies your mind as you no longer can reach for that phone for anyone who decides to call back. Then, thoughts and decisions come to... Continue Reading →

Moral Compass

If you're wondering where I've been? Climbing out of an abyss. I do think about many moments I've missed. Missed calls, Ignored messages, Accumulating as my anxiety rises. But I do ask, Where are you during my mental crisis? I'm still here, Because I can't jump off bridges already burnt, Even though I'm trying.... Think... Continue Reading →

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