Malta, Only Ice Cold.

Nothing better than a Malta,
Ice cold.
After one long,
Day where you work so hard,
You begin sweating through your clothes…

Goes the day while you flip-flop through day dreams of opening a cold one.
All you’re thinking of,
Is that chilling pop you hear from,
Snapping that cap off the same way you’d love to snap off your boss’ head at the end of your shift…

Arriving back home,
You just can’t wait.
So full of exhaustion while lost in thought of a recliner and dinner on a steaming plate.
Straight to the kitchen you go,
As you open your fridge and find that it is not in place…

The freezer goes while you start going insane.
One itsy bitsy creek and notice all the glass had shattered,
As you begin to feel a certain pain…

All there’s left to say was,
“If only I had came sooner,
To at least melt it down and,
Gently pour down the drain…”

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