Favorite Songz On Repeat

Hardly do I ever wake with a smile,
Today I did.
I wondered why,
Thought of her and relieved my soul of this on going,
Mental crisis…

Only reason why I’m confused?
Never does my heart hump at the thought of anyone,
Accept the one I was meant to lose…
Then I met her,
And brought a long a different view,
Into my skies…

High tides while I fly by an ocean,
I’ve poured from loud cries and bye-bye’s from those in,
My life?
Don’t seem to make it through it’s usual course.
Demons I’ve outclassed when I got on board,
To outline them in chalk as a student in a world,
Where I’m learning to just,
Love myself all over again…

Why not include her and link up our journies?
No more forks in the road on an excursion to find places where there is,
No more hurting.
Holding hands,
Basking under sunshine while her curls bounce as we keep searching,
For meanings of life most of us will, Never come across…
Be happy,
Just because,
Until the end of time,
The end of our song…

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