Haloz & Hornz

As the can opens,
Devils sing and demons March.
When atonement shall be sought,
Rebels drink to treason wrought,
By their own creators…

Viscious circles sucking life out the innocent.
Ways of life syphoning the energy we use to press against,
A mold already hardened by the fires of hell,
Have ignited with enough motivation.
From the evasion of my beloved.
To my father’s departure coveted,
By a Mother who’s scorned while sulking in her misery…

For some reason,
God labeled me an angel in a house full of demons.
Hard to sleep with horns on my head while I feed this,
Monster glaring at my soul as prey,
As I refuse to lay defeated.
No choice,
To keep fighting through the heat and,
The cold and,
The seasons,
Testing the Will we uphold till we’re meat minced through a grind we force ourselves to be in…

All I know is,
I’m just trying to enter heaven through peace,
Instead of sleeping with a heart cut into pieces…
Question is,
How do I make it There in one piece and,
Do I even deserve it with all the times I’ve left myself crying and bleeding?…

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