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A Sepulchre For Love

Sepulchered within a heart of stone I am.
All I’d wish for in the past?
Is my memory to be revived inside the mind of a woman who passed me over to the woes of abandonment.
So that I can ask her this…

“Why’d you leave me without a hand to hold on to?
You knew the circumstance I was in better than I did while I crumbled by your escape as impromtu as possible!
Why did you blind these eyes with weed smoke I was forced to inhale over your prodigal nature?
I love you!
I need an answer…”
To rise from the piles of paper I’ve been buried under.
Poems full of raw lines straightening my mind out while I grab a joint for what feels like my last supper,
Every night before being crucified by others,
With a chip on their shoulders I put on my own plate to eat…

A message in return I will never receive,
I get it!
You had to relieve your feet so restless,
From chasing a dream more suited for me.
Whether it be jealousy or not,
You marched away when I reigned over your parade with a talent God gave me to block!
My inner demons from inflicting pain each time I plan to rock stages,
With a shot aimed at every flock of friends who became strangers.
I forget how things change when you get away from what turned your life upside down and acquaint yourself with whoever God favors…

Breaking what we’ve had is what God wanted so that I can savor the moment.
So that I can stay present rather than alternating between past and future thoughts grabbing hold of a heart potent with love.
Love I need to give myself before I’m crushed!
By the buds I’ve chosen to pick apart when a hug just,
Wasn’t enough…

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