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Sucker For Love

I still love you,
Believe it or not.
There are still moments I imagine kissing the softest cheeks my lips have laid upon.
Your smile still glitters in my mind no matter how dark my thoughts of you become.
A bit of lust may enter as I live remote from the human touch!
You’re more than that to me,
Even till this day.
You are the woman who gave me a chance when no one would even show me their face.
You were the first to ever like whatever you saw when looking toward my way!
I may just,
Die alone without a single soul by my side but,
Before God ever makes that call,
Why not profess my love!?
Once more.
To the woman I adore.
Regardless if our bond has been war-torn without,
Taking jabs at who you’ve become while I keep looking for…
A simple reason to smile back when I think of you…
I guess,
This is really Goodbye as I step onto a stage I haven’t seen in a few years.
My true love above all else hoping I can make it there before I drown in my tears…

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