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Sizzling Beauty

Tantalizing beauty is what She possessed.
Eyes followed her whichever direction the wind pulled her toward.
Sparkles of glitter hovered around Her face while exposed to sunshine,
Illuminating a smile she would often keep hidden within the shadows of another’s dark cloud.
So magical she was!
My pupils shrunk at the sight of her lustrous arrival.
What was luminous to others,
Like Her deep dimples and a pair of irises that reminded me of Earth,
Became too bright to ever stare into.
Anytime I would think of her after our severance,
I would rather burn away her thought in a flame still trapped inside of my crying eyes,
Without ever looking back!

Tantalizing beauty is what She possessed!
I still must duck for cover before I’m incinerated,
Reduced to ashes just like the rest…

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