Beauty In Your Shadow

Trees talk to me while they sway back and forth, Leaves rustle sounds of peace and prosperity while I lounge on grass. Warm kisses of sunshine clutter my entire body, Forming shadows revealing everything I've chosen not to see. Human nature isn't perfect, After all. There is no other beauty amounting to each broken branch... Continue Reading →

Poetry Written In Blood

Thoughts I write up, Like day jobs and strike one. Batter's up, While I'm boxed in, On a search for diamonds without a need to buy one. I'm shining, Glass cups to my lightbulb while I light one. I'm dining alone with many knives, A, Will to survive With demons in mind, Who believe I... Continue Reading →

Dear, Whomever You Are…

I think about a whirlwind of things that make my head spin, But, Your thought brings a stop to the Roaring Storm reigning over my mind... Yes, I believe we all have a preference, But, Still... I prefer to have one who would like to hear the bittersweet message, My heart would love to serenade... Continue Reading →

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