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The past me is outdated.
Stuck having dinners with Mary Jane and His demons while feeling jaded.
Jaded by the race against time and how unworthy he has been to ever be embraced,
By anyone as His inner child cries for love He yearns to give away…

It’s a shame,
He’s beyond amazing!
Carries many flaws,
Believe me,
He’s begot a state of,
Peace he wants to share with someone he can call a friend…

A friend he hasn’t had longer than He can remember,
Ever since the break up with a woman scorned by a mean temper!
Given by his Mother who would hang His memory on the tightest noose she could heave!
It’s for the better…

I rather be alone,
While I sever ties choking Him by the collar as the renegade He desires me to be.
So exhausted from hanging on an edge,
All because I ignored his plea for help!
Knowing no one from His past won’t ever come back to save him from himself…

I’m here now!
No matter if I stack many wins,
Or not,
He is not alone as I pull him out of an abyss full of fears and doubts of being left in the dark.
With a different kind of light,
Rather than the one we sparked just to feel a high anyone can feel,
By standing up for yourself instead of hanging low while the world yields!

To the sounds of His crying soul…


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