Long Poems Can Tire

Some poems are meant to be, Ephemeral. Short-lived. Like, Pain. Laughter. Love. And life... Just, One thought now buried in the past, Either making you laugh, Or cry...

Putting Two & Two Together

*Side Note!* Hey y'all 😄, I wanted to share a piece I wrote for one of my auditions at the Apollo (in which I was definitely denied lol). But, it brings back good ole' memories and a much needed reminder of how life and attitudes change. I'm just grateful to be in a frame of... Continue Reading →

Death To Rest

Ever been so, Tired? Just, Completely exhausted to the point where nothing matters, But, Those few moments of peace. Riiiiight, Before you go to sleep?... So daunting, Isn't it? Especially, When you have a vision you're dying to birth, Before Death decides to kick in and put an end to your verse... Still. It feels... Continue Reading →

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