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Death To Rest

Ever been so,
Completely exhausted to the point where nothing matters,
Those few moments of peace.
Before you go to sleep?…

So daunting,
Isn’t it?
When you have a vision you’re dying to birth,
Before Death decides to kick in and put an end to your verse…

It feels like you’re slipping into a hearse,
Anytime you lay on a bed full of pain while immersed.
In nightmares,
Where you might wear.
Every single one of those quivery emotions with a slight tear!
On sleeves,
Almost ripped to shreds from countless wars you’ve had against demons whom made you bleed…

Good thing I’m a veteran,
Better than!
What my enemies might expect.
I may want a glass,
I rather leave the glass house where I’m measured as a Bum who might eject!
A bullet or two from every barrel I kept full,
As I reject,
Every shot I’ve taken…
Those drinks I needed when I was sleeping on a pavement…
Since my family deemed me as a soul not worth saving…

Maybe exhaustion is a blessing in itself.
I can finally say that I’m tired from working myself out of a Hell,
My family calls home even it wasn’t for me while I did my best to avoid the belt,
Struck upon my back for dropping more pennies inside of my wishing well!
No matter how broke my heart was…
Why not just,
Go to sleep,
Put it all to rest and,
Dream until I see them unfold right before me?…

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