Putting Two & Two Together

*Side Note!*

Hey y’all 😄, I wanted to share a piece I wrote for one of my auditions at the Apollo (in which I was definitely denied lol). But, it brings back good ole’ memories and a much needed reminder of how life and attitudes change. I’m just grateful to be in a frame of mind where I’m at peace with who I am while not fighting myself. Life happens for a reason! And, I’m positive y’all can get through anything, I believe so! Peace & Love 💜


I’ve learned to take life not as serious as the usual,
After realizing,
I didn’t quite give permission to be born into this perdition.
Why not flood earth with God-given lyrical emissions,
Lock you in a verbal submission,
While I’m on a path of remission,
In a mission of recovery to recover me?…

No luxuries,
Cheap cutlery,
Utterly poor,
Torn by wishes of gluttony,
I’ve been hungry
From an infant hit with poverty.
So impoverished and angry,
Hate made up most of my daily glossaries.
Lacked scholarly camaraderie,
Nor taught properly,
Inside concrete jungles,
Where drugs and pistols are valuable commodities,
As I’m pressured to destroy state property in volumes I couldn’t measure,
While looking for peace with a piece as I’ve drowned in debauchery,
When I should’ve been shown to stay at home with an open book at hand…

Where’s the fairness in that?
It’s seems as if it was already written in our holy scriptures.
Minorities born into danger zones,
To fit the Man’s bigger picture,
While we roll swishers and give out K’s like Major League pitchers…

Don’t I have a right to forcefully take what I feel is mine?
We’ve finally learned the real deal.
Surrounded by a master plan while we act as rats behind the wheel,
Leaving our communities splintered…

And worst of all,
We continue fighting each other over skin colors,
Blindly serving the unkind,
The unjust,
While clocking in for over time,
As you realize,
Through the week,
You haven’t even laid eyes on the motha fuckin sunshine in the sky,
As we speak…

I can’t think of anything on either side of the fence that can be justified…
If you think about it,
Put 2 and 2 together,
We all add and multiply the problem with 4’s on both ends,
And what equals after,
Is blood shed…”

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