Too X-Rated For Me

Reaching climax isn’t so hard,
When all one has to do is explore the body till you hit the right spot,
On repeat.
So easy to notice each curve bending your reality to fit in,
Just right,
Beside the woman you have dreamed to be your mistress.
I have a question most are afraid to answer.
What if I am absent of lustful desires leading most to inevitable disasters?
What if I am just a man who needs reassurance more than an orgasm,
After intertwining arms for a hug I rather have than a X-rated pole dancer?
With a life once going south,
Now north,
Such a mindset would only break up my relationship between God and myself while I seek greener pasture.
Instead of cheating life and abandoning a faith reviving my dying character,
For a night out with a woman scorned by whoever damaged her,
I choose a moment of silence.
Let the thought of hooking up with a stranger die in,
The middle of my palm through a pen I’ve been using to rewrite this,
Story God has demanded me to tell.
So that I can smile!
For once,
Without hesitation and,
No longer rest within a Hell I’ve ignited…

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