Escape Of The Century Pt. 2

Reputation already buried deep in the garden of a person equivalent to my being!
My reflection.
Reacting to everything I shouldn’t ever pay attention to,
As I rather put my two cents into an equation I’ve been trying to solve at the cost of my sanity and trending hues…

Whether it be blue for the ink patching up every wound that I paint on a sheet of paper,
Another hint of black for the dark days I couldn’t ear nor ever savor,
A different taste of reality on taste buds craving all kinds of smoke…

*Side Note*

Apologies for the tardiness! Been alone for a long time and it’s been hard snapping out of this depression I’ve been dealing with virtually all my life. But, I dearly appreciate everyone who does give my poetry a read, even during a time where talking and associating with others isn’t easy for me. But, best believe that I’m fighting on not losing hope. Everyday I try my best to smile, regardless of the help I’ve needed that I just can’t seem to find. God bless y’all ❤

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