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Momma Earth (Continued & Finished)

The Earth is home,
We soil it with concrete and skyscrapers.
Sunshine so bright,
Some eyes go blind,
At least I have mine still in tact!
To see every lie planted along the edges of my garden,
The weeds I cut every morning after I yawn and,
Stretch my arms while reaching for the stars…

On an earth that allows you to breathe.
On an earth that allows you to eat.
On an earth that allows you to drink.
On an Earth that allows you to,
Everything we need to make our exit as graceful as possible…

Why shouldn’t I enjoy this very moment?
Smile just because I’m alive basking in freedom to hone in,
On a talent meant for more than a note in a cell phone app,
As if I’ve arrested myself by trapping my future in the palm of my hands,
Sleeping on myself and the impact I believe I can have,
On a world lacking nothing but,

Nothing else for me to do at this point,
Where I’m alone with no friends nor family to celebrate any kind of joy.
Tired of being bitter over sugar gone sour on the lips of a woman that would destroy!
My sanity for quite some time.
I don’t have a choice!
To serve a Universe that served me all throughout a life,
Marred by the lies of who I thought loved me.
Waiting on others who left me in the dust would only succeed in,
Tipping me over an edge I have climbed up and away from for damn good reason…

Reason being?
My escape.
An escape I see in front of me whenever I flip open a page,
Blank of my past and a future I sway,
Away from a grave through a pen that creates,
A pathway towards a reality without “Them” in it.
Former friends I refuse to kick it with,
An Ex with a grudge held tighter than her ignorance and,
Relatives showing how much they’ve cared through all of their broken promises…


Have a wonderful evening <3,

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