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Can’t We Just Talk?

If we’re really meant to be,
I want our first time to be special.
No rush.
Two souls shining light amongst each other in the name of love.
Letting time fly by in each other’s arms,
Without being desperate to touch each other in places I’d rather keep private…

Aren’t you sick and tired of the world normalizing what should be a mystery?
At least,
In the eyes of,
A man who seeks more than an orgasmic night so many of us chase?
My heart is never moved by hips swayed in intimate motions.
My soul is not illuminated by the darkness of what can transpire when inside of who I hold with overwhelming care.
When my ears get a taste of a mind full of fruit for life,
Stemming from turning a new leaf as others chose to leave her side my,
God does my smile rise higher than I’ve ever been…

Different from the rest in ways I cannot commend her any further for.
The one I want to cut my grass with without making it a chore.
The one inside of my mind more than a tree I don’t want to smoke,
As the apple fortunately falling farther from my own…

I hope you understand.
How I want to have dinner without having any sex planned,
Even speak of it until true love leaks in our speech any time we speak to each other while holding hands just,
At peace.
To be next to each other in a world that couldn’t be!
More beautiful now that I’ve met you…

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