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Me, Myself & Poetry 2

No one ever wants to lay down on a cold brick,
Trapped behind bars within an insane asylum fitting all the demons you can think of inside of your own head wondering,
Will I ever get out?
Even if you do escape for whatever reason,
It’s a flashback striking your mind like night terrors in the daytime…

“How did I get there?
How in God’s name did I ever end up in here?”
Although you already know the answer to both of your questions,
You’ll ask yourself repeatedly until your voice box closes itself.
Running around in circles with your eyes closed,
As you sit down wondering if anyone cares about you…

No matter what kind of escape you may conjure inside of your mind for the moment,
There’s only one route a person can take in such a scenario.
Covering your pupils with every thought that makes you smile,
Every memory that makes your life feel worthwhile.
My only question is,
How is it possible to that when all you can see is,

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