Abandoned Skeletonz

Out of touch with my inner self…
Over love lost in my wishing well…

I wish I was above waters,
‘Cause I’m drowning in my tears,
While I fear,
That I’ll relapse and lower gears,
On a road that took so long to get to…

I’m here,
Slashed in this battle verse words.
Penned to rise from the curb.
I’m trapped underneath doubt.
What people really see in my smile is a bandage,
To wear my wounds steering you away from this madness…

How can you rise,
With a cold soul?
Nor reach the highest skies before the night’s close?
If you aren’t brave and bold…

Although it’s hard to stay afloat,
When uncertainty is anchored to your ankles by the ropes,
I keep riding on a path to greatness,
While I keep writing up a remedy to stay painless…
Only that,
I remain aimless…

Wandering through my mind’s darkest alley ways,
Where skeletons hang as reminders of my darkest days,
I find I’m lost,
With how my closest friends left and disappeared…
So numb because of every open scar left by my so called peers…

It feels as if it doesn’t matter what you do for someone.
The minute you need to look after yourself,
They’ll turn around and bust one.
That’s when you realize they aren’t there for you.
They’re there for what you can provide,
While hoping you lose…

Sometimes I just want to grab a knife,
Start a fight and have at it.
Say fuck peace,
If you rub me wrong I’ll produce static,
And pop heat,
Rock and leave you smoked while I bust your head open like a crack addict,
Damn it!
I’ve had it with this madness…
So I’ll paint my canvas,
With blood.
N.Y. state of mind!
Where life’s a bitch,
Enough to keep bodies dripping with these ill-matics…

Sooner or later you’ll become aware.
That loneliness is all part of our road to greatness.
People judge and abandon what they don’t understand.
As you watch people leave your presence,
You’re left gifted.
Stay out of harms way and take the compliment…
The universe is just afraid of your potential success…

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