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She Really Did Care

I yelled for help!
You noticed,
Because of you I didn’t drown.
You pulled me off the ledge,
Helped me find a simple smile…

You may not understand,
As soon as an outcast like myself leaves his domicile?
All you see are demons who believe it’s worth while,
To poke fun and laugh at my expense.
The worst part!
When they all start singing,
So damn loud!
Inside of my weary head,
Every moment I yearn to lay on a bed,
Made either by God,

The best of it all?
You heard my voice and never ran away.
At no price!
Such a rare event.
So surprised was I!
With a smile on my face.
Even if it was your job?
Never did It feel that way…

It’s just one of those things you feel from another person,
During times you are hurting deeply.
How they care for the tears dropping down from both cheeks,
Seeking some sort of happiness while the Waterfall pours…

Even helped a stubborn guy like myself to stop drinking what was putting my entire life through hell.
Lead me to God farther than I ever was when stuck throwing up inside of a wishing well!
What I overcame was a spell casted by everyone who trapped me inside of a cell.
Made of Glass,
Thinking I would never rise no matter how many times I had fell,
And break out for my own good!
No matter how many cuts,
Flooding Earth with my blood while making my way out of this shell…
Cracked open during that moment I let go of my 40 so that I can shoot for atonement…

I can just imagine if there were more of you around.
New York City rush hours without anyone trying to fight and be the best,
Pound for pound!
Encountering a genuine smile more than a mask and,
See actual friends who lend a hand when either or is down and out…

Peace more so than a heart broken into thousands of pieces,
Instead marring another without a reason,
Vice versa.
I would’ve never picked up a vice,
Just a verse,
A pen and pad where I write off every hit taken,
Without forsaking myself for every night my heart was in pain and,
Couldn’t take it…

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