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I Mean, Who Knows?

Escaping from the city is a thought soothing to a heart longing for silence.
It’s been a while since my inner child began shouting and crying,
All I really want is for him to feel happy for at least a night inside of our conscious…

I just,
Don’t know where to go!
Feel so lost wandering around without a true purpose I can hold close.
What’s known?
Is that I’m a poet with a pen and pad trying to write my own story,
Before my life comes to a close.
When the day ends as darkness is ushered in,
So is every nightmare that starts flooding through my eyes…

So much pain I can answer,
How my side has been hurting since that moment I was not allow to see my nephew,
Ridding this piece of my heart preventing me from going cold,
I think I was meant to.
I didn’t want to live!
I just kept myself alive since I couldn’t stop thinking about every time Nephew said,
I missed you”…

I’m sure I’ll find an answer one day.
As to why I’m here,
Fighting just to keep a wide smile on my face.
With no one around to love me,
It gets hard opening your eyes that second that you wake.
Praying that you fall asleep soon,
As you keep your eyes closed from witnessing an image no one forced you to paint!…

For some reason,
As the hours go by,
My inner child becomes more silent than ever before.
All I hope for is,
Whatever I’m doing right in these recent times,
We can finally meet face to face,
Once again,

Keep the past behind closed doors…

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