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Red Skies Pt. 2: Behind Closed Doors

“Oh man,
There goes another one of those!”

I muttered to myself,
Unphased by the outrageous tomfoolery my mental demons love stabbing my brain with.
Yawning at the sound of their malicious outcry for my self-destruction,
No other choice do I have,
To continue with my daily routine.
A prayer before I dare brush my teeth.
A stretch for each limb clanked on to my body.
Some tea for a soothing morning and the countless bullshit I’d have to deal with when stepping out into a world made cruel by our needless desires…

*Bang, Thump!*

How can you forget?
This Glass House wouldn’t be the Glass House it is If my family didn’t come home announcing the arrival of their disgust through a hard thud,
Or two,
Whatever amount they feel is perfect to distract me from finding any bit of peace and happiness throughout my sunny days…

I digress,
Moving on from such mockery before I’ve sunken too deep into the middle of a bed I haven’t been making with a smile,
Just quite.

After taking a moment to stand up,
Brushing off the crust off of my eyes,
I hear an unfamiliar bang coming from my door.
Not so loud.
Two soft bangs making the door knob rattle just enough for me to hear it while standing on the other side of the room.
Two question’s pop into mind.

“Who could it be?”
“Why is it…
Feeling so cold right now?”

As I straighten my posture while slipping on some flip flops,
Steadily gaining the courage to open a door no one,
Accept my demons,
Tend to knock on once in a blue moon,
I walk over to open and,
For a split second,
Heard the voice of whoever’s on the other side…

“How could it be,
After all of this time?
What the hell does she want from me,

Helplessly muttering question after question,
I open.
Pores all over my body shooting out bullets of sweat hoping to shoot down the possibility of whom it may be…

Open the door,
It’s me!
It’s been too long…”

As I open the door,
But surely,
My eyes were entranced by disbelief.
So much so,
She happened to disappear in the blink of an eye…

(To Be Continued…)

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