Freewrite #22: A Prayer For The World

I can’t imagine living life without water.
Mothers all around the world who won’t name their kids until they’re sure that they’ll live longer.
Countries starting wars because there doesn’t seem to be enough of what’s needed at a scale larger than what we can see.
Over every jewel blinding us from being all we can truly be.
Watering the wrong seeds,
Wasting what we die without just to live a fantasy!
We become so thirsty for whether it be over jealousy greed…

So many tragedies around the world going on,
I’m over here,
Free from debris,
Scattering from point A,
To point B,
To point C,
As I try to keep looking at life at a different angle while I’m just blessed to be…

Why me?
Is what I got to ask,
If you ask my family and others that I’ve known,
I’m an asshole!
Forever isolated from society,
Even if no one is seen trying to ask those,
Themselves answer without asking the Man with a message…

I digress in-,
To another kind of perception,
Given to me by a Light meshed with,
Darkness I had be enveloped by as it is sent in.
I might of messed parts of my life up over depression,
I’ve been compressed in,
Higher than ever before while I checked in-,
To a Hell made by my restless!
I grew wings so that I can fly by the paper,
That I write on to savor,
Every moment where I tapered,
My soul to a thought,
As I fall to my knees in a prayer…
For a world I want to love,
More than it loved me!
Just to give back to my savior…

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