Freewrite #23: Can You Hear The Pins Drop?

My curious ears can hear every single one.
Each pin dropping on to the ground of my soul,
My very own flesh.
Stabbing into a mind I’ve fought so hard to stabilize…

Here I am.
Floating in silence as the Universe is swept away before my teary eyes,
On top of a smile I had found for keeps.
Nothing but darkness lit by the stars I’ve now created from my inner intentions,
Blanketed by benevolence….

Every day,
I hear each pin trying to shatter through a shield made durable by the faith I claim.
Here I am.
In silence.
And writing.
Until all I hear are the swipes from my sword slapping them away before I bleed out.
The pen securing my frame of mind on a page not a single thought of doubt can pierce through…

I can hear them all.

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