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Ever keep a number in your contact list that could not return any of your heartfelt messages? You know, that one contact you can only reminisce about whenever your lonely ears yearn to feel their loving vibrations. Either you already do! Or will inevitably have one at some unknown point in your life.

In some cases, this particular contact is very much alive and well. Others? Deceased, resting in peace or in pieces. Mine? A puzzle scrambled inside of its box, opened by too many hands than what someone would expect.

Call me crazy! But, so fond of her I am, still. How can I not when I haven’t found another pair of eyes embodying the entire Earth within her pupils? Had broken my heart in countless pieces, yet I still smile whenever I reminisce about our romantic walks through Central Park on a mildly rainy day. So, so, so much time we’ve had apart from each other, yet at the center of my heart she still Is…

Call me crazy, but I still don’t know why myself…

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