Hey Lucy,
I miss the messages I used to get from you.
The letters that made me look down at the paper and reply,
I love you…
That glare from your eyes leaving tingles in my spine,
I couldn’t get enough of you…

Your love became a fairy tale when my mind stayed in reality.
In need of sanity,
God put us on different roads 8 years ago over your insanity,
Without a disclaimer of both roads connecting at the end,
Facing off once again…

Only difference this time around,
Any love left over was dead,
While death came in varieties.
No longer do you star gaze in my eyes and admire me.
No longer does my heart beat jump mightily in your presence,
It stands quietly…

I mean,
It’s only right!
After catching on to the fact that your heart lied to mine,
And still fights with mine!
No matter how high we flied,
Our picture inside of its frame focused,
And showed me how your love wasn’t in line with mine…

Those other lips you kissed were a test and you cheated,
As I was heated in this cold storm you impeached me in,
While witnessing your hands hesitant with deceit…

You can’t forget!
Every starry night my finger tips slid gently down your spine from behind.
Blowing softly down your back as I spread and rub those thighs.
Leaving hickies on your neck,
Chest as you roll your eyes to the back of your head.
Gripping your voluptuous hips as you lay on your back.
Wet enough to slide inside,
Giving it a light slap till you force me in,
Screaming and begging to leave your legs limp,
No patience for a wrap in this bitch…

I just should’ve known you were a little too loose for me the last adventurous evening…

So why face off once more?
Did destiny leave open Oportunity’s door?
To settle a “score” with love,
To do me dirty in another man’s name as I title you a whore?

Parked at a familiar junction has me thinking.
Instead of busting out a statement prematurely,
I’ll walk away in silence the same way you left when my boat was sinking…

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