Scattered Brainz

Thoughts scattered all around the place,
Pieces of my freedom spread out on a sidewalk while thrashed on a curb.
My weary feet soaking in the sting from hot concrete after a day’s exhaustion from work…
A place to sleep?
Lies within a dream.
From the lies that were on repeat.
From those who only knew how to spew out their misery,
On another’s peace.
Look at me this very moment,
Heart left in pieces,
Even if Love is the only entity I truly believe in…

What about my freedom?
Freedom from the clutches of a devil who can only feed itself with blood?
Dripping out of my vessel,
Now possessed by a need for answers from above.
An answer to current demons wielding the mightiest cuffs.
As if the only way to settle their scores,
Is seeing innocent ankles shackled to a wall of fire with no where to run!
A freedom the Bronx only dares to show when you’re drunk from that cup of rum.
Or that weed you can’t wait to roll into a fat blunt…

In a city for a soul struggling to keep shining?
Feels more like a prison where you’re virtually left hungry.
Left to learn how to smuggle in food with a hall full of cells filled with stomach rumblings.
The City’s way of “protecting” society from those it deems unworthy over their lack of money…

As growling bellies infect our air made putrid by the stench of Greed,
Sedgwick Avenue becomes an opera house sung in the name of dirty politicians drugging us with false hope.
A drama flick with a cash flow to grab hold at the end of the show…

Thoughts of desperation burning in the middle of our skulls just fighting to keep afloat.
While assessed as a criminal without a chance to ever show our glow,
Underneath a spotlight that only seems to follow ‘yes-men’ who will always follow code,
As long as there is Gold glistening within a pot at the end of their road…

I digress.
I guess everything happens for a reason,
As we’re left to digest each lesson presented whether or not we’re victorious,
Or defeated.
Food for a mind and heart starving to find true meaning.
In a life we suddenly wake to without ever knowing why the dark concedes to a sunny sky.

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