Touched By An Angel

So dreamy her sparkly pupils are underneath moonshine while I sit by this lake in Central Park.
A light sparking flames within a heart feeling as if its on its last beats.
Giving me no choice but to manifest rhythms including the vibrations from her dancing feet…

She’s just,
The only one to ever really pop into my mind.
Open to begin a new journey with someone else,
My thoughts always seem to circle back to images of a set of eyes,
I’ve always believed held Earth’s undying beauty…

What do I do?
3 years later,
Still broken up,
Yet hearing her voice would put a smile on my face.
A smile I haven’t had lately,
Due to every bone in my body aching after all the pain I put it through,
Whether it was booze I finally quit,
Or watching Mary Jane abandon me as the smoke slowly escapes my room…

What do you do?
When you promised you’d never bother someone your heart and soul yearns for?
What do you do?
When all you want is a hug from the only person who seemed to ever accept the monster I know I am?…
What do you do?…

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