Livin’ In A Haunted House

Don’t know who to trust .
Am I blindsided and confused because of a past I’ve been reviewing too much?
Just now noticing what kind of reality I’ve been living in?

Seeing double when passing by the corner of this haunted house.
Where illusions are dealt through a cost,
As you pay the price through a life lost in,
A cloud of doubts.
Skeletons appear,
While dressed in your fears,
Palming a case of beer like,
One for the road!
Two for the cold!
Three for the most!
Exciting party you will ever be a part of…

Swarming all around us.
From the Past,
To a Present,
To a Future we wish went a certain way through tragedies that shroud us,
For whatever reason…

We just put a nice beat behind it and keep breathing in the same bullshit,
Loaded with a full clip,
Ready to shoot when,
The truth starts rolling out of darkness…

I get it.
In order to get the picture clear,
You must drown in your fears,
Have a few drinks when feeling chemically imbalanced,
Shutting off your chandelier when devoured by the Madness…

A Madness I respond to with Echoes of Silence.
Divine Rebellion versus Devilish Conformity.
With a mind flowered by hands of God,
Wired to a certain Light I’ve been wrapped around while I prop in a tree inside a fronto leaf…
Branching off Illusions,
Seeding realities away from demons that follow me!
In the image of a broken family…

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