Drunk Thoughtz

*Side Note*

– The poem below is a piece I wrote during a recent relapse with alcohol. I wanted to post this in light of my 3 months of sobriety as of now. Life can always change as long as you put your mind to it! Please enjoy πŸ’œ

What is this existence all for when not one of us is innocent?
This message that I’m spitting is a sickness I’ve been given with,
A vivid imagination I don’t think any other can see.
What is it that I’m asking,
From a lord we were told to hand the,
Faith coveting our hearts from pearly gates we were told about,
As we are born through sin while drenched in hate?…
These are just some honest thoughts,
From a soul y’all probably have a disdain for
What do I care?
This alcohol I can’t escape.
I’m one with the smoke I was blessed to pave,
Through the air surrounding me…
Air I feel is hounding me…

I’m still pounding each,
Piece of of bud allowing me,
To breathe a new life through a word I believe,
Would get me out of this mode of destruction,

8 thoughts on “Drunk Thoughtz

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      1. Yeap, no more alcohol, heading into my fourth month by the beginning of November. I wrote this piece during the last relapse I had during January. I’ll definitely be writing about it in more detail though pretty soon

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