City Dunez

Hiding in silence while vibrant in light shone from above.
While others screech violence,
I’m calm within Crisis.
Frozen like ice is,
When approached by forces of terror hungry to syphon,
The warmth from every ounce of Love,
Coursing through my beating heart…

A heart beating on the doubts in my mind.
On memories that are shrouding my eyes.
With tears drowning my sight!
From all the joy I’ve allowed back into a life, Worth saving…

If not me,
Then who?
Is what I ask myself daily,
As I roll new papers when dealing with current events that leaves my beatitude a bit hazy,
Knowing Mary J won’t save me…

It’s the reality of our Universe.
Dabbling in debauchery with a smile like Lucifer.
We’re more similar to our demons than the angels whom this Earth,
Wishes were visibly present within our presence while you disperse,
Sins we won’t see many account for…

I fight to survive the Storm we’ve made in this dying city.
Hoping I can swipe off every bit of dust off a page I’m instilling,
With love others haven’t seen before…

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