The Phone Call I Never Wanted To Make Pt. 1

‘So young!
I didn’t know what I was looking at.
Bodies rotting right around me without looking back!
Both of my eyes cried,
No pain was felt as I tied my hair and made sure to urgently call the FDNY…’

Just kept it pushing.
Only guard on site that cared enough to look in to a putrid situation that I took in,
A bit too easily,
Knowing other residents kept watching while feeling like they needed me…

How long ago did you first smell it?
Was my first question to the Porter.
If it’s only been getting worse for the past 3 weeks,
Why not leave a message on my desk to report?
Did you not care?
Even if you knew Death was knocking on our doors first?…

“Didn’t think much about it.
I was having such a shitty week…
I doubt this is more than a dead rat!
Give me some time and I’ll let you know when I’ve found it.
In the mean time,
You should get up close and see what it can be.
A dead BODY!?
I doubt it…”

After hearing his statement,
I prepared for the first phase of my investigation,
With nostrils familiar with smells of Demise,
I followed its trail to the right of the lobby.
Heading past each office,
I didn’t want to believe it!
It finally got me…

How I didn’t need to approach that door to declare my decision.
All I could do is put my head down,
Go back to my desk and sit in,
My chair while making that Call.
Regardless of how diminished my spirits were…
As all I could do,
Moments after,
Was lean back and pray that not a soul was hurt…
Even if I had already known the answer…

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