Rootz Of A Lost Bronx Child – Freewrite #38

Had to take a minute to sit down and reflect on my state of mind hoping I can get to know myself a little bit more. Because, as much as I love to write my heart away, my palms itch for some difference. Something to take my eyes away from memories I'm sick of replaying... Continue Reading →

Securing My Mind

Jobs are hard to stay consistent with, at least for me. If there is no purpose my soul can find within any kind of structure of work, then by God will I rebuke it to the hottest flame Hell has to offer. But, as a former top flight security guard in the boogie down, South... Continue Reading →

Movie Gangstas

Keys pressing up against my fingers. God pushing them for me when I feel like eating dinner. Y'all don't understand the kind of work I'm trying to leave on this scene of spitters... But, I'm here with another one. You're here for another gun line, When I'm crushing them. Sprinkling them inside another blunt, I... Continue Reading →

A South Bronx Lie

Vanilla skies while driving through the Highway. Crossbronx. An express way right into the darkest Cave I have ever known to exist after suffering an onslaught, Of whips, Fists, And lips opening for loaded tongues rolling shots towards you, Off the tip... Bullets fired from the tip of the morning. Father missing, His presence? I've... Continue Reading →

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