Time To Go Shoppin’ Again

Driven to the edge,
When steering past a big bump on the road.
Spiralling all over until I notice the gas tank in my car is about to explode.
I try to come to a stop…
My seatbelt had me in a slipknot while I went for broke.
Punching the glass,
Windows I’ve had,
Trouble looking through with any hope!
“I will not die!”
“It is not time!”
There it goes…

Looking at my body from above.
In the Spirit form while floating with a Dove.
I fly closer.
And closer to the sun.
Until something grabs me without an ounce of remorse,
Clawing and kicking whatever’s descending me back to the floor…
No success as my eyes open once again,
To the sight of War…
Asking the lord why am I needed here for?…

Punching and stomping…
Running and popping,
Shots over nonsense!
Why must I keep swinging a blade as a prophet,
Who just wants to love and heal another that is prompted,
To believe a lie provided by the media we’re lost in?
If anything,
I deserve to give my life to someone who deserved to keep theirs,
Here I am,
Still walking…

Reasons become obvious when you wake with a new determination,
As you bring old habits to an end.
If life continues after death,
Why not give life to something other than those painful memories inside of your head?
All I know is,
When I run out of ink inside of my pen,
No more pages to purge my guilt and observations out of my chest,
I get a new journal,
New pen continuously putting gray-haired stories,
To rest…
Rising early morning to gladly do it all,

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