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Reset The Game

So glad that God gave me the blessing to restart. From friendships to my mindset while exposing to me my true flaws I still work on to correct today.

Having a new phone, new number, deleting the old, cleansing my mind from the need for social media, being more honest with myself and what I see? Very refreshing when the “Storm” passes. Letting go and forgiving anyone who broke your heart, true forgiveness.

Because, most days I do feel a bit lonely. Yearning for some sort of physical contact with another human being. But, no matter what mental ailment, reminders of Love and God sure do put me back on the right track. I mean, with a family that claims to hate me and an ex who won’t dare speak to me again, what other choice do I have left?

Nonetheless, an amazing choice it is. The best one you can ever make, honestly. Because, no matter how much I am rejected, I know that God will never reject me or anyone else in this world…

Bless ❤

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