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Freewrite #20: A New Beginning

I feel dead inside! But, I know why. Being reborn again... Rising from the Grave! Headed to a place, Alleviating my pain! As I seek more of It. Revival... Vitals pulsating like never before. A rest so vital! Was my death behind bars keeping me confined in God's message, Regardless if there's a witness present.... Continue Reading →


Sometimes, You don't want to sit and think of the fanciest wording possible. Nor care about grammar and punctuation when Thought itself is scattered all over the damn place. You just, Want to lay down. Breathe. Let it all out. Sleep. Wake up smiling for no reason at all. And most importantly, Begin a new... Continue Reading →

No Hard Feelingz

No Hard Feelingz All I hope for is that you're doing so well. After all that we've been through, I've learned to just let go and forgive you. But, Knowing that I've had tumultuous faults myself towards our relationship, I learned to forgive myself no matter what I go through, Too... None of us are... Continue Reading →

Where Does It Begin?

Who knows where to start. That boy died the day he entered those Halls. Reborn in the arms of Angels he thought he'd never witness, Yet, In front of him were a Trinity of acceptance. A renewed hope found through a vision different from what I was presented. As an adolescent looking for a way... Continue Reading →

Reset The Game

So glad that God gave me the blessing to restart. From friendships to my mindset while exposing to me my true flaws I still work on to correct today. Having a new phone, new number, deleting the old, cleansing my mind from the need for social media, being more honest with myself and what I... Continue Reading →

Time To Go Shoppin’ Again

Driven to the edge, When steering past a big bump on the road. Spiralling all over until I notice the gas tank in my car is about to explode. I try to come to a stop... But, My seatbelt had me in a slipknot while I went for broke. Punching the glass, Windows I've had,... Continue Reading →

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