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Seduced Beneath Moonshine

Out of every sin,
Lust grabs my a5ttention most.
I bathe in her legs…

Deeply do I stroke,
Her insides gently, but hard.
Toes curl back & forth…

My virgin palms, tainted.
Tainted by your virgin skin…
It was meant to be…

I drown in your lips,
Wet with sensual intentions,
As I quench thirst…

Who else swayed me?
In ways I never thought I would?
By an angel with black halos?

No one else has, ever,
Ever made me stand tall and wide,
Down below my thighs….

Rock solid I am.
Brought zippers down with my hand,
And whipped out your need…

If others heard us,
They’d think we were making out,
But so far from it…

Buckled in joy,
You kept me warm in your throat,
Hair wrapped around my hands…

My right wrist jumped up and down,
As fast as it could…

No problem at all,
With that wink in your gorgeous eyes,
Saliva drips…

Happily do I,
Stroke back lending helping hands.
Eaten in delight…

Done catering my needs,
Now it’s my turn to feast,
On your sweet juices…

Lick, lick, lick I go.
Tongue burried where it should be,
Raising your legs up high…

You squirm, I jerk,
My body to your loud moans,
And slightly pinch your hips…

Begging for more of me,
I fill all entry ways I can,
Thrusting you…

Thrusting you all night,
I fill your void with lusty dreams,
No phantasm…

All real with me,
While you sit on all fours,
And clap against each other…

As I’m applauded,
For my solid efforts,
Waterfalls ensue…

You try and thank me,
But I must dearly thank you,
For loving me same…


**Side Note**

This is an old piece I had written, published in a magazine about Haikus (sadly forgot the name of the mag). But, I wanted to showcase my love for haikus. Please enjoy 🙂

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