Praying In The Fires Of Hell

As I pray internally,
Reciting words refurbishing a soul lacerated by excursions destroying an entire universe,
God is there waiting for my palms to open.
From a fist formed by my former disdain for atonement.
To receive blessings he has continuously shown in,
The visions I rid in each cup of alcohol poured with my willingness to drink in,
Smoking an L on the same steps where they’re pricking veins…

Lies within multiple illusions we have labeled in America,
As each era from the past has done.
Many faces of Babylon,
Where demons walk in the flesh for a clap and a,
Tool and a drug for fix while they grasp that thug!
They’ve been looking for,
To settle scores that can only be sealed with a patch and blood…

Gallons of blood we willingly swallow while quickly dabbing the corners of our mouths,
For no one to see.
Vampires walking on soil rotten from the core of an Earth littered by all deceased.
A disease to bite a curb waiting for your fall in the middle of a street.
Zero lessons learned when your’s body’s chalked in the name of letting loose and being free!…

I pray while I’m locked in a page.
A cage I form with bars keeping me away from dangers our habits escalate.
Sacrificing freedom,
Temple in tact.
The mission?
Hunting Satan as my prey,
Regardless of the skin he sheds,
Housing his malicious intent while he sprays,
His venom on our conscious at birth…

Our hearts are from the moment of inception,
A curse.
Placed upon us from the misery of our physical creators sending messages,
Into our footsteps while we bury our souls into the dirt.
Growing pains of a rose hounded by thorns while our minds lay inert,
Within the devil’s grid…

Spending hours on Instagram without even realizing it.
Taking notice without even fighting it!
Reading countless stanzas like this while standing up for your ignorance.
Searching for some grams this instant while posted on a corner drug-pitching.
Out of shape from the vicious circles where you’ve found no difference in,
The blue and red pill you’ve swallowed together to avoid a deliverance,
From each lie we’ve been told since the very beginning…

I pray.
Even though I grip booze.
Dreaming of a Ginsu.
Blowing into plethoras of tissues.
Handling my issues,
Putting up Face while I zip through,
A bunch of lost souls taking medicine they misuse,
Sedatives they rip through,
In seconds just to get high and forget who,
Gave me life in the first place,
Choosing to be sinful!
Never did I say I was perfect…
Just another rock in a space trying to find my light,
Like every other person!
We all pray at the end,
Any time Death decides to resurface…

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