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Mistakes Were Made, But…

Mistakes were made,
I have a question.
Does it mean I’m barred from repentance,
A chance to be accountable and make up for my reckless nature?
Do I have an opportunity to escape what is destined to break first!
Before it all collapses on me…

A Glasshouse was never meant to stay in one piece.
Each wall is transparent enough to see the cracks in every corner where drugs be.
Whether it be reigning pills in the mind of a coward trying to crush my dreams,
The memories of Mom and Dad when they wouldn’t hug me,
“You are not my son anymore!”
I rather not be present when the ceiling ruptures through instead of evening those petty scores against one another.
I rather flee in one piece!
Instead of being pirated of my peace in mind full of distractions I heave honing in on my craft and other talents I was blessed with…

A puzzle I figured out the day I forebode our disconnection.
I’ve always been denied room at the dinner table by a family who would leave a plate,
Never invite me to sit and eat breakfast.
With every demon banging on the walls of my mind,
I can’t help but go outside,
And feast with the only person I ever see within my messages.
Reminding myself to get up from a ground instead of wallowing in helplessness…

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