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Dirty Work

Seduced by the thought of getting my hands dirty,
In ways you would never think I’d be.
Grabbing a cup of Tea at your favorite restaurant for a chance to feed!
Your soul with love you’ve wanted for as long as you’ve known,
Only God knows…

Whether it’s a ketchup stain on a pair of slacks when I lack composure staring into your eyes,
A burger to stuff my face into, Making up for my loss of words as I’m blessed by your divine beauty,
I’m truly bound to make a mess eventually…

It’s a mess I’m willing to make.
Like the stain on my slacks after all of the food for thought I ate,
While looking your way,
You come with flaws I’m willing to help wipe away!
You give me a chance to show you more than a bill paid with each token of pain,
Earned during all of my lonely days,
Where all I wished for was for someone to hold instead of a grudge that,
Would only land me right back into the grave I’ve once dreamed of…

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