You Just Can’t Be (Repost With A Note)

Is it evil if your smile's the upheaval to each frown that is lethal to my, Peace? If I'm already broken in pieces, And, The thought of you glues them back together, How can I ever be sickened, By what isn't wicked to a heart beating slower when it sees you?... You know, They say... Continue Reading →


Smitten.With the way I go about life,I envision.Two souls intertwining into God’s vision… Because,I want to do more than caress her in those tight jeans.And,Hear her keep singing…See her hit those high notes,While I wrap her into my rhythm.As we kiss and,Twirl around and dance in the name of an Image,I’d love to call,Love… Maybe... Continue Reading →

Sunshine In The Flesh

Even at my lowest point, For you I will conjure endless roses all across your Garden Of Eden, Hoping it consists of me. Holding you tightly in my arms, Away from any wind forcing your body to shiver. Sitting underneath a padio with a mistletoe pinned right above us. After all, You are my manifestation... Continue Reading →

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